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Freeze drying


We preserve vitamins and minerals

When you subject a food to the freeze drying process, you remove moisture in a way that preserves the nutritional value of the food.

Normal drying of chili, especially at higher temperatures, can lead to the breakdown of vitamins and reduce the benefits the body gets from eating, spoiling the aroma, darkening the color, destroying the taste and increasing the content of sugar.

Freeze drying

The future of drying


Freeze-drying is also much better at maintaining the shape and color of the chili, which can make it look much better in the final dish or if you choose to rehydrate.

It also greatly extends its shelf life of the product, which means you can keep it for years instead of just a few days.

The freeze-drying process has three separate stages: first, the fruit is frozen before the pressure is significantly reduced. This then allows the final phase to be carried out, during which ice is removed from the product by a sublimation process when the solid is converted directly to gas, past the liquid stage. These vapors are then discharged away, leaving the product intact and free of moisture.


Crispy structure

Because lyophilized means it retains more than 97% of its nutrients, it is about as healthy as it is fresh. Fiber levels are also maintained.

The crunchy texture created during freeze-drying is one of the most appealing properties of the final product and turns the fruit into something wonderfully different and when we grind it into a fine powder we get a versatile product for everyday use in almost all dishes.


Super food


Once you discover freeze dried foods, there is no going back!