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Because it is the most successful method of food preservation, where fresh food is quickly and deeply frozen and then dried in a freeze dryer in a vacuum at very low temperatures.

This method preserves the nutritional value of the fresh product as well as its fresh taste,
aroma and color. With this type of freeze drying, the food is tastier and can also be used in high gastronomy.

This sprinkle can be added to oils, marinades and sauces to enhance the flavor, thus adding flavor, spiciness and aroma. It can also be used to sprinkle raw or heat-treated meat, fish or. vegetarian / vegan dishes.

Our sprinkles make every dish very, very tasty.

Our tastes are often very different, so the amount of sprinkles must be adjusted to the company for which we are preparing the dish.

Due to lyophilization, we must be careful when seasoning, as compared to the generally available chili sprinkles, a much smaller amount of sprinkles is required and we can quickly season the food too much.

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The delivery time varies from country to country but it is usually 1-2 weeks.