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Chili explosion

First lyophilized chili powders and oils out of Slovenian nature-friendly production.

Rock and roll of flavors in your home!


Lyophilized aroma and scent of freshness

“All the chili sprinkles so far have been missing something. By drying them the conventional way, they lose their natural aroma, taste and color. Not only that… it always bothered me that they used generic varieties of chilies in the sprinkles.

In the Scherz selection of sprinkles, we find the most delicious and aromatic varieties, which retain all the aroma and smell of fresh chilies due to freeze drying. The products are very useful for both pretreatment and final seasoning of dishes.

I have to say that Scherz products are by far the best and highest quality chili products I have tried! ”

Adam Šerc

founder of the Čudoviti svet čilija® and Čudoviti svet gurmanov® communities, and the star of the Masterchef Slovenia show.

Adam Šerc

Freeze drying

Innovation in the world of chili

Scherz chili is the only chili on the market obtained by the freeze drying process, where water is removed from the fruit by deep freezing.

Scherz chili thus preserves:

Something completely different than conventional heat treatment, where the fruit retains its hotness but loses most of its flavor and nutrients.

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An explosion of flavors

The innovative process of growing and filling of the product preserves the completely natural taste of the fruit.

Even when the heat stops, the explosion of taste still lasts!



Scherz freeze dried chillies stimulate the dance of aromas that you are not used to with fresh chili.

Fresh fruity and smoky notes will add a gourmet adjective to your dishes!



We are always in search of new technologies and the development of culinary innovations.

You can expect our special chili extra virgin olive oil soon, completely without artificial additives.


Natural origin

Perfect nature for the highest quality ingredients.

Chili from a Slovenian nature-friendly farm and Spanish organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

A recipe for everyone

Our chefs have created chili-enriched recipes that you can easily recreate in your kitchen.

Brighten up your day with gourmet flavors!

We are Tomi Šerc and Tjaša Jazbec, partners, foodies, lovers of well-seasoned food and gourmet adventurers at heart.

You could say we’re like our chili sprinkles!

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Robi M., Kromberk
Robi M., Kromberk
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Te čilije sem prvič opazil pri prijatelju doma in jih nato naročil pri proizvajalcu. Naročil sem vse tri in so super za različne jedi in različne goste, katerim kuham, saj lahko prilagodim raven pekočine glede na okus. Dozator je praktičen in hči rada fotografira embalaže ob krožnikih za instagram, tako, da vsi uživamo v njih.
Anja Ličen, Solkan
Anja Ličen, SolkanFabrika bar, Nova Gorica
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I like Lemon drop the most as I am a beginner at eating spicy foods. It is light, smells like lemons and the heat stops after about 5-10 minutes. It is also super light yellow and looks very nice on a plate.
Nejc Kalan, Vipava
Nejc Kalan, Vipava
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Red habanero rabim predvsem za marinade in je super, ker ga porabim zelo malo in naredi svoj efekt, pa ne samo peče, ima super okus, kar ponavadi nisem opazil pri drugih čilijih v prahu.

Zanimivosti in novosti

Vavčer za prototipiranje

V letu 2022 smo v podjetju Scherz prejeli vavčer za izdelavo prototipa.Naložbo Vavčer za prototipiranje sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za

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